Lambeth Living Well Collaborative (LLWC) is a collaborative of those with a stake in mental health care in Lambeth. LLWC consists of voluntary sector organisations, users, GPs and South London and the Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM) supported by commissioners in NHS Lambeth and Lambeth Borough Council.

The Collaborative was formed because people who use mental health services and their carers tell us that it is difficult to navigate through the wide range of services and that they feel bounced around the system going from one service to another not always getting their needs met

The overarching aims of the LLWC are to:

  1. Enable people with mental health problems to recover and stay well (improved physical and mental health)
  2. Make their own choices (increased self determination and autonomy)
  3. Participate in daily life on an equal footing and reduce stigma (connect with friends, family, neighbours etc; give in the community by volunteering, offering peer support et; be included in society with regards to housing, employment, education; accessing mainstream services such as leisure

In order to achieve these aims and to respond to what people are telling us, the LLWC developed the following set of values and principles:

  • Recovery – recovery is being able to live a meaningful and satisfying life as defined by each person. It’s about having control and choice in one’s life
  • Co-production and Reciprocity – using people’s strengths and ambitions, and ensuring that they contribute to the design and delivery of the care they receive
  • Total Place principles – looking at what we spend as a whole in the borough and at how resources should be spent, especially as overall public sector spending is reduced

This blog covers areas around Commissioning, Primary and Community Care, Secondary Care while keeping Service Users involved in every step of the process.

Click on the links below to find out information about Lambeth Living Well Collaborative.

Summary of Lambeth Living Well Collaborative

FAQs of Lambeth Living Well Collaborative
For further information please contact Natalie Sutherland or phone on 020 3049 4268


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