Primary & Community Care

Primary Care

The Collaborative is currently running a schedule of clinical review meetings with each GP practices in Lambeth. The purpose of these meetings is to support the integration of people being discharged from secondary care into primary and community care in a prompt and stable way . The initial focus is on users under the care of the Recovery and Support teams in the CMHTs with the intention of spreading to other teams in SLaM including Assessment and Treatment, Lambeth Early Onset (LEO) and early intervention teams etc. The clinical meetings are attended by , CMHTs, the Community Options Team (COT), Primary Care Support Service and community nursing. To view the Terms of Reference (ToR) of the Clinical forums please see below.

ToR for Lambeth Living Well Collaborative clinical meetings

The Mental Health Primary Care Support Service (PCSS)

For information around Primary Care within the Lambeth Living Well Collaborative please contact:

Joiss Soumahoro
Primary Care Mental Health Implementation Manager, NHS Lambeth
Monday to Thursday
Direct number: 0203 049 4381
Main number: 0203 049 4444
Fax: 0203 049 4346

Community Care

Community Options Team is run by Thames Reach:

To find out more information about what the Community Options Team offers please view their leaflet.

Community Options Team Leaflet


Terri Filkins
Community Options Team Manager
Thames Reach
Elmfield House
5 Stockwell Mews
ph: 020 7062 0500
mob: 07894 692 092


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